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Before, during, and after a political campaign press releases are an important part of the overall strategy, but since the inception of the internet they have some hidden benefits that few politicans use truly effectively.

In the old days, press releases were a tool of PR people to try to get traction for a certain story in the major media, and they still are. However, because of 24 hour news cycles and instant access of news on the internet and social media they have taken on additional importance in the following areas:

1) Creating an instant “buzz” about something on the internet
2) Being part of what we call an “opinion funnel” that helps to spin a particular issue
3) Augmenting and jump starting your SEO (search engine optimization ) strategy
4) Channeling interest to you and your campaign based on where the 24 hour news cycle is going with a particular issue

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Because so much of the media in the US is getting closer and closer to real time, some of the old time uses for press releases are getting turned on their head. Instead of pitching a story for months, you make a press release with your comment on the story that just ran, and because the search engines pick up your press release very quickly, you can comment and direct traffic to your campaign even if you weren’t part of the initial spin, or even if the story was generated by the opposing party initially!

To do what we are describing is not easy and it means you have to have a lot of resources already at your disposal.

We have those resources, and they are available to you now. Call us.

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