How come even Europe laughs at Obama and Geithner on advice?

Posted on February 1st, 2012 by admin1 in political consulting firm

Advice on Debt? Europe Suggests U.S. Can Keep It

“We’re in a very different world environment right now,” said Ian Bremmer, president of Eurasia Group, a political consulting firm. “The United States has diminished credibility — it can’t simply tell Europe what to do. And it lacks the political will or means to throw a lot of cash at European troubles, even though they could become American problems very quickly.”

And to think of the number of stupid people who will vote for more-of-the-same.

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  1. ♑Aubrey♑

    The whole world knows that Obama is a joke.References :

  2. J. Spicoli

    You are totally correct bro.. Those Euro dudes seem to totally have their shyte together budd..References :

  3. John E

    And to think of the number of stupid people who will vote for more-of-the-same.References :

  4. Sophie

    Europeans are retards. They think it’s funny that the USA is having problems. They’ve been trashing us for decades. But they’re not smart enough to realize that beating down the Superpower of their civilization is going to hurt them. Total retarded simpletons. Western Europe was infested with Communists in the last 60 years.References :

  5. Frank is Back

    Because they know they are just a couple of criminal front men stuck in their by the central bank and the global elite.References :

  6. Pretty Good

    The most interesting thing about your post is that you omitted the paragraph directly preceding your excerpt:

    "Still, it is hard to argue that the United States is not in a far weaker place to be doling out advice than it was in past crises, especially after the gridlock in August over raising the debt limit."

    How interesting that you would shift the responsibility.References :

  7. Joe in texas

    The Europeans recognize the folly of going an additional half a trillion dollars in debt in the middle of a debt crisis. They are less than impressed with Stimulus 2.0References :

  8. Last True Paladin of Scotland

    I find it insulting you use the term ‘even’ as is we’re lesser to ya. It’s called xenophobia.References :

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